Guess where 12(10) was seen today…

Following Lizzie’s report yesterday about 12(10)’s return to Rutland we were amazed to receive a call from Janine, a member of the Dyfi Osprey Project team, to tell us that 12(10) was back on the Dyfi nest this morning! We quickly went to look at the live streaming and there she was, sitting next to Ceulan. At first the young Dyfi chick wasn’t really sure about what was happening and just kept looking at the two year-old female but after a while he didn’t look too alarmed. 12(10) made herself at home and even started moving sticks around the nest but she soon flew off when Nora returned. It will be interesting to see what she does over the next few days. Will she stay in Wales or will we see her again in Rutland? Only time will tell.

12(10) at Cors Dyfi

After an exciting start it was time to go over to Egleton for the first Birdfair volunteers meeting. It was a great opportunity for everyone to get together and hear about the conservation project that will be supported by Birdfair this year.

Birdfair Co-founder Martin Davies

The projects are suggested and managed through the BirdLife International Partnership that is currently working within the three main global flyways to conserve migratory birds. The 24th Birdfair to be held at Rutland Water Nature Reserve will be supporting the East Asian-Australasian Flyway that spans East Asia, from Siberia to Australasia, and is the most poorly known of the world’s migration routes. For more information click here. Described as the birdwatcher’s Glastonbury, the British Birdwatching Fair encompasses the whole spectrum of the birdwatching industry whilst at the same time supporting global bird conservation so it is definitely worth a visit. Over the weekend (August 17th to 19th) there will be four celebrity Wildlife Cruises on the Rutland Belle where there will be a member of the Osprey Project team alongside Simon King, Mike Dilger or Johnny Kingdom looking out for Ospreys. If yesterday’s cruise was anything to go by they are not to be missed! We were treated to fantastic views of 09(98), easily identified by his satellite transmitter, fishing above the sailing club as well as all four Ospreys in Manton Bay.

09’s hunting ground above the Edith Weston Sailing Club

The Celebrity cruises are booking up fast so have a look at the Birdfair website to book your place. If you are unable to visit Rutland during the Birdfair weekend we still have places on our regular Osprey cruises throughout the whole of August, for more information click here.