Guest to the nest

We had an exciting start yesterday morning – we’d not been at the centre long when an intruding osprey landed on the nest, right next to 2AN! It was 25(10) – a breeding female from an offsite nest. You may remember her from earlier in the season as she also landed on the nest on March 25th, a week after her return to Rutland. It is likely that she is enjoying some freedom now her own chicks are becoming more independent. At the time of her visit 33 was off fishing, and we think Maya was chasing off another intruder as she was nowhere to be seen. 2AN didn’t seem worried by the intrusion and remained on the nest the whole time – altogether 25(10)’s visit lasted around 2 minutes.

And here is her intrusion from earlier in the year, March 25th – where she was not welcomed quite as warmly!

25 on nest yesterday

25 on nest yesterday

With juveniles from many of the other nests around Rutland having now fledged, it will be interesting to see if we have any other birds land on the nest in the coming weeks.
Will we have other visitors joining the chicks on the nest soon?

Will we have other visitors joining the chicks on the nest soon?

It has been a busy start to the weekend here at Lyndon, with the school holidays kicking off and many families having a go at our special school holiday Osprey challenge, for the chance to win an osprey prize (ask at the centre if you’d like to have a go)! Our Manton Bay family have been keeping visitors well entertained, along with quite a few intruding ospreys overhead today.
We saw something a little unusual after yesterdays fish delivery. 33 brought the trout to the nest and, as we’ve come to expect, 2AN took it straight from him.

2AM then had a turn, and for a while he was fed by Maya too – again, so far so normal.

Then, later in the day, we saw 2AN being fed by Maya! This hasn’t happened for a while now – maybe 2AN was feeling a bit lazy after all her recent flights exploring the area and time spent bathing in the Bay.

Today the weather at Lyndon has been a bit hit and miss – some sunny spells this morning but plenty of rain too this afternoon! Maya brightened up the nest with a bit of greenery earlier.

And even though the sky has been mostly grey today, the nest looks especially lovely after rain – all the lichen on the sticks becomes beautifully bright.
bright lichen