Hanging around

It’s been cold again today, but dry and not so windy! Nicer weather has been promised for this weekend, so come on over to the Lyndon Centre and see the three lovely Manton Bay chicks while they still look like chicks! Just a couple of weeks from now, these cute fluff-balls will have their juvenile plumage – the pin feathers are already starting to push though the down.


The chicks had a very quiet morning, and spent most of it lying in the nest asleep, with Maya watching them from either the nest or nearby. 33 brought in a small fish late morning, which two of the chicks didn’t seem interested in, so just one had it all! By the afternoon they were becoming more active, and wobbling round the nest as they do, trying to get to grips with their huge feet and using their long, gangly wings to keep them steady.   

33 with them

Later in the afternoon 33 delivered a nice big trout to the nest, and the two chicks who hadn’t been interested earlier got straight to the front! Maya fed all three chicks and in no time the trout was half gone!


At one point today I glanced at the live screen and it looked like two of the chicks had no heads! It was just the way they were sleeping, of course, but it looked quite funny. See photo below!

Two headless chicks




2 responses to “Hanging around”

  1. Andy

    I just tuned in as 33 left after spending some quality time with his children. One of the youngsters has moved to the camera side of the nest and is sat on its behind looking at us while looking so like a cute stuffed toy – I see a merchandising opportunity! I think its the size of the feet that do it.

    Maybe you already have Osprey chick stuffed toys for sale? Where do I buy?

  2. Bill Hunt

    Looks to be a glorious day at Rutland….babies looking out across the water, Maya patiently watching over them. What a great scene!