Happier families

Slightly better news to report from Manton Bay today. 5R has been less aggressive towards 9F and has allowed her to make numerous flights around the bay, while he’s been present. A few minutes ago, he did finally give chase, but that was the first time today that we had recorded any significant aggression. This all suggests that, as time progresses, he will allow his daughter to behave more normally. It also seems to point to the fact that all the aggression stems from the young female’s first flight when she knocked 5R off his perch. Let’s hope that as time progresses, 5R realises that she isn’t a threat.

It is encouraging to see 9F growing in confidence on the wing – today we watched her snatching at tree leaves as she passed in flight – but she is still not as advanced as her brother. The clearest example of this is in the contrasting ways the two birds behave when 5R delivers a fish to the nest. Whereas the young female still waits to be fed by her mother – see video below – 8F has started taking the fish off to a favoured perch, including the dead tree situated close to Waderscrape hide. The young male has spent much of the day there, providing great views for everyone in the hide (the tree is only 100 metres from the hide) and at one point this afternoon he was joined by the rest of the family too. What a fantastic spectacle for those lucky enough to be in the hide at the time!

Don’t forget that tomorrow is Family Fun Day at Lyndon, so if you are in the area and have young children, please drop by and join in the fun. It all kicks off at 10am and runs until 3pm with lots of games and activities to keep the children entertained. It costs just £10 per family and that includes access to the reserve and a chance to see the Osprey family from Waderscrape hide. We hope to see you there – there’s no need to book, just turn up any time after 10am.