Happy Families

With the juvenile Ospreys spending less time on the nest recently it was a lovely treat to turn on the camera this morning and see four of the Manton Bay birds in the nest.

This clip shows the three juveniles and the Manton Bay female tucking into two fish first thing this morning. All four stayed there for a while before the female and one of the youngsters left the other two to finish off the fish.

Judging by the food begging going on in the nest a little bit earlier it looks as if they will be due another meal anytime soon. Keep checking the webcam!

1, 2 & 3J waiting for a fish to arrive this afternoon.

1, 2 & 3J waiting for a fish to arrive this afternoon.

Over the past few days we have seen the Manton Bay female start to bring fish back to the nest herself. Yesterday she was seen on two separate occasions carrying small trout back to the nest having caught them in the reservoir. At this time of year we often see females start fishing again as they build up the strength and get back into practice before they leave on their migration later in the summer. Although not always the case, it is often so that the females are the first to go. Here’s hoping she hasn’t got plans to go anywhere just yet!