Hatching in Manton Bay

Over the past few days we’ve been eagerly anticipating hatching at the Manton Bay nest, and this morning it happened.

At 8:22 Maya stood up to reveal that a chick had started to emerge from one of the eggs. The views were frustratingly brief, but we managed to get a short piece of video of the magical moment when we saw the tiny youngster for the first time.

The first view of the newly-hatched chick

The first view of the newly-hatched chick

As the morning progressed Maya continued to brood the youngster, sheltering it from a cold northerly wind. By late morning the chick was fully out of its shell.

Soon afterwards 33 came to the nest to have look, giving Maya the chance to stretch her wings.

Although very weak at first, by mid-afternoon the young chick was strong enough to hold it’s head up. Here’s a nice close-up. As you’ll see, it already looks like an Osprey!

Chick close-up

Osprey chicks hatch in the order the eggs were laid and so the two remaining chicks should appear in the next few days. Keep watching the webcam, or even better, come and visit us at Lyndon.

5 responses to “Hatching in Manton Bay”

  1. Helen Hall

    Brilliant news and well done to everyone involved especially MAya and 33

  2. Jo

    Congratulations!! So much going on in the Osprey world at the moment. Thanks for sharing the videos – much appreciated 🙂

  3. Nita Creasey

    Welcome to the world little one! Here’s wishing you a long and safe life!

  4. Bill Hunt

    At last! What a wonderful sight!

  5. Bill Hunt

    And then there were two! My first real look at the new chick and I’m seeing double…..amazing! Maya feeding her latest babies.Fabulous!!