Hatchlings in the making!

Here at Lyndon HQ we have been eagerly awaiting Maya’s and 33’s four eggs to start hatching. Yesterday the wait was over!

We saw the first of Maya’s brood emerge at around 6.24 pm when she briefly completed some nest cup reorganizing.

As the evening continued a second chick made their first appearance at around 8 pm.

It’s incredible how much stronger they are already! Today during meal times they were able to lift their heads while begging for food.

Osprey chicks hatch in the order the eggs were laid and so the two remaining chicks should appear in next few days. Keep watching the webcam, or even better, come and visit us at the Lyndon Visitor Centre!

2 responses to “Hatchlings in the making!”

  1. Jenny Still

    Hooray!What a lovely sight.

  2. Carol Adams

    Fantastic. So lucky to have them here.