Hay there partner

Life in Manton Bay has been idyllic for our osprey pair since their return last Wednesday. They have been busy every day adding bits and pieces to their nest, both birds have been scraping and they have been raiding the hay feeder in the nearby field for lovely soft nest lining!

33 with hay

33 went on several fishing forays today before he was successful. Thanks to a call from our volunteers in Waderscrape hide, we were looking out of the window at the right time to see 33 swoop down towards the water in front of the Lyndon Centre. He appeared to have caught hold of something, as he remained in the water for well over a minute, flapping his wings and trying to rise. However, when he eventually lifted from the water he had nothing in his talons, therefore he must have caught hold of a fish that was too big, and had to give up and let it go.

Later, he managed to grab himself a large trout which he brought to Maya after eating his share.

33 with fish

On Friday afternoon the wind was quite strong and made fishing for 33 rather difficult, as the reservoir was whipped into waves. He attempted to fish several times in the reservoir before giving up and going to Horn Mill Trout Farm! Geoff Harries was there to capture the following shots of him.

Osprey 33 in action 2 Osprey 33Close up osprey 33

The pair have been mating several times each day, which will ensure that the forthcoming eggs Maya produces will be fertile.

Often 33’s mating attempts are successful, as the one above, but occasionally he seems to forget what to do, and just ends up sitting on Maya’s back!

There is plenty of time for Maya to produce eggs, the pair have only been back for five days. Last season the first egg was laid nine days after 33 joined Maya in Manton Bay, so this year we could see an egg before April! Generally, it takes around two weeks for ospreys to lay after being reunited with their partner. Therefore we should certainly see the first egg laid sometime in the first week of April!



2 responses to “Hay there partner”

  1. Bill Hunt

    All being well we have another wonderful season ahead. Maya and 33 are so good together we have every chance that more babies will soon be demanding increasing amounts of fish. And who better than 33 to provide it? Spring is so exciting! What a privilege to have the nest cam so we can share in the private lives of ospreys!

  2. Shelagh Maitland

    So good to see them together no boy does that bedding look cosy