Head over heels…

It’s been extremely windy in Rutland today and we captured some footage of what we can only describe as ‘bonkers’ from the Manton Bay nest. We’ve watched it over and over in the Lyndon Visitor centre today and each time we’ve chuckled in amazement. As the female bent forward, while protecting the chicks from the weather, a gust of wind quite literally tipped her head over heels!

It takes her a while to figure out quite what has happened and then, in not the most ladylike of fashions, rights herself.

Take a look at my favourite video yet!

3 responses to “Head over heels…”

  1. Wendy Cox

    Are you alright dear? Yes, but I will just go and powder my nose….

  2. Mike Simmonds

    What an amazing capture!. That has to be the ‘clip’of the year and one to include in Tim’s ‘Lecture Tours’ later no doubt.

  3. Shirley

    Sometimes we ladies have trouble in high winds, one can lose one’s dignity so easily. Brilliant!!.