Over the past few days, the weather has been absolutely amazing! These hot, sunny days are wonderful, the perfect weather for walks, picnics, ice creams and sunbathing. We hope it lasts throughout the week so that it will be pleasant when the chicks hatch! The anticipation at Lyndon is rising, as that day draws ever nearer… The first one could be any day from tomorrow, but is more likely to be Wednesday or Thursday. However, tying to predict an occurrence in nature is futile in most cases, as we have discovered many times in the past! It could be that the first egg doesn’t hatch until the weekend.

It’s been getting warm on the nest in Manton Bay, and the ospreys are trying to keep cool as they incubate their eggs. Luckily for them, there is more of a breeze up there than there is on the ground, which will help them. 33 brought in a fish early this morning, and spent most of the day on the eggs, as is his want! He does a great job of dividing his time between nest duties and fishing.

I absolutely love the bum shuffle the ospreys do when they settle on the eggs. It makes me smile every time!

Beautiful day




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  1. Bill Hunt

    Come on little ones….time to get cracking! Please!!