Heatwaves and Cheeky guests

A scorcher of a day at Mediterranean Manton, with temperatures reaching the 30’s! The early hours saw a few visits from the fledglings, with our recovering rebel 056 who is showing no signs that he ever sustained an injury! In fact, he even treated us to a little sunshine boogie on the edge of the nest! (he’s actually judging distance!)

As the adults and fledglings were seeking shade in the poplars, the empty nest was visited by two inquisitive guests!

All four fledglings are looking healthy and well, gaining more confident in their flying capabilities. They are Almost as big as their parents!

2 responses to “Heatwaves and Cheeky guests”

  1. Molly

    Why “all 3 fledgelings”? I wasn’t aware we’d lost one 🙁
    I hope that you meant “the other 3” since you had been discussing 056 and his recovery.

    1. Rebecca Pitman

      Hi Molly – we can confirm all four fledglings are alive and well. Apologies for any concern caused – the comment was just relating to the youngsters showing in the webcam at the time. All fledglings are doing fine.