Hello Old Friend

Birdfair weekend is now over and I think everyone has just about recovered. The osprey project had a fantastic weekend with our stand, wildlife cruises and the many visitors at Lyndon Visitor Centre. Thank you to all the volunteers that made the weekend possible, we really appreciate the work you put in! The highlight for me was all the amazing wildlife cruises, on most of them the skies were full of ospreys, it made the weekend even more special. 

Sam interviewing our very own Education Officer Ken Davies on the Birdfair stand.

Paul Stammers on a Wildlife Cruise

Paul Stammers and Mike Dilger 

View off the Rutland Belle. 

Thank you to everyone that came and said hello, it’s so nice to put names to faces, answer questions and hear all your exciting osprey stories. 

On Saturday night we had the news that 3AU had returned to Manton Bay, since then he has spent plenty of time on the nest food begging. 33(11) and Maya seem a little reluctant to bring him fish; maybe the adults are trying to encourage him to leave, maybe for good this time.

Down in the Bay we have had some amazing sightings including marsh harrier, peregrine falcon, red kite and red-necked phalarope. 


Peregrine – Waderscrape Hide By Bill Glancy

Peregrine – Waderscrape Hide By Bill Glancy

Peregrine – Waderscrape Hide By Bill Glancy

We are having a few problems with the nest cam at the moment, but please rest assured we will try and get it sorted as soon as possible.