Hen Pecked

It has been a beautiful day at Manton Bay, and apart from a brief disturbance to the nest this morning, and signs of an intruding bird around lunch time, our pair have had a peaceful day. This mornings disturbance unfortunately resulted in the birds being away from the nest for around 5 minutes. This shouldn’t affect the development of the eggs, as thankfully the weather was warm, and the birds soon returned to incubating, which they continued to do solidly for the rest of the day.

33 caught an absolutely enormous trout at about 8pm yesterday evening, which he bought to the nest for Maya, after eating the head. Maya spent over 45 minutes eating on the nearby perch before returning to the nest.

After catching such an huge fish, 33 has been able to take it easy today, knowing that he won’t need to fish again until this evening at least, more likely tomorrow morning. He has split incubation duties with Maya, spending lots of time on the nest this afternoon.

Get ready to move 33, Maya's coming back!

Get ready to move 33, Maya’s coming back!

At around 1.40pm today Maya returned to the nest after a brief spell away, ready to resume incubating, but 33 wasn’t ready to give up his place.
33 not budging

33 not budging

She tried again at 2.15pm and when 33 still wouldn’t move she gave him a gentle peck on the head! This seemed to do the trick and he soon moved off the eggs.

We were able to get a video of Maya’s reflection in the water as she returned to the nest on one of the occasions where 33 was incubating. Just lovely!

One response to “Hen Pecked”

  1. Bill Hunt

    What a sight! Looks like 33 no longer takes the hint of Maya waiting patiently, he must love incubating! I just wonder if this is typical behaviour? I don’t recall 5R, Maya’s previous mate, being so dedicated to sitting on the nest? But, whatever the case, it all makes for fascinating viewing. Thank you for keeping the blogs updated it all makes great reading!