Here comes summer

Summer is surely on its way, as we have begun our season of Osprey & Wildlife Cruises! The first one took place yesterday evening. Despite the wind, we had a lovely time sailing around the reservoir on the Rutland Belle. Within ten minutes of beginning the cruise, we had a great view of an osprey flying past us in the North Arm! The day of the cruise happened to coincide with Education Officer Ken Davies’ 70th birthday. Ken was present on this cruise, along with several of his friends, and I’m going to leave the details to him as he is composing a blog for early next week. Keep an eye out for it! In the meantime, here are a couple of photographs that John Wright took of the ospreys we saw, one of which was 28(10) – you can see his slightly damaged right wing in the second picture.

4N7A7638---Male-11-on-Kens cruise 4N7A7653---Male-28-on-Kens-cruise

The next cruise is on Saturday 3rd June, but there are only TWO spaces left! Click this link to book them! After this, the next available cruise is 17th June at 7pm. Click here to book!

The first dawn cruise is on 10th June, but this and the next one on 8th July are already sold out. The only dawn cruise with availability is 5th August. Click here for more information about cruises.

Rutland Belle

In Manton Bay, it’s been another lazy day for the chicks, resting in the warmth and eating lots of fish! The bigger chick is rather bold and keeps venturing to the edge of the nest, here it is leaning against the sticks.

Big chick edge of nest

Both of the chicks are much more mobile now, and shuffle round the nest quite well. Today they have both been following Maya wherever she goes, instinctively trying to find some shade under her.

Two fish were delivered to the nest this morning, one at 04:46 and one at 10:11.

Second fish

Several more sticks have been added to the nest in recent days, one of which 33 almost dropped onto the chicks!

There was a certain stick today that was bothering Maya, and, even though the stick was lying almost flat, she wasn’t happy! She tried in vain to move it to a suitable location, and it ended up sticking up in the middle. She got herself into a bit of a pickle, then eventually put it back where it was in the first place!

Finally, last but definitely not least is the highlight of the blog – a wonderful video by Dave Cole, filmed from Shallow Water hide in Manton Bay over March, April and May this season. Featuring fantastic footage of the ospreys, including an intruder, plus some other wildlife! Thank you Dave!





2 responses to “Here comes summer”

  1. Wendy Cox

    Thoroughly enjoying watching the nest each day and the news. Please could you tell us what is happening at the other nests – how many nest are occupied, chicks etc. Would love to know.

    1. Holly Hucknall

      Hi Wendy,
      We have 8 breeding pairs in the area. We won’t know how many chicks we have this year for sure until they are a bit bigger and can be more easily seen above the nest.