He’s back!

Brilliant news from Manton Bay! Just when we were starting to worry about 5R (he returned on 19th March last year) he’s arrived back. A few minutes ago volunteer Rick Pegler phoned the Lyndon Centre to say that a second Osprey had appeared in the bay. We quickly rushed to the TV to see 5R standing on the nest! We’ll have more news tomorrow, but for now it’s just great to see a pair of Ospreys re-united in Manton Bay!

4 responses to “He’s back!”

  1. Linda Jones

    That’s wonderful news! I’m so relieved and can now look forward to many more happy hours in Waderscrape hide again this year.


    Wonderful news, guys! I’ve also heard from other sources that EJ has arrived safely back at Boat of Garten!

  3. Ken Whiting

    Fantastic news, look forward to watching them all summer. Congratulations to you lot at Rutland for all your hard work. Well done and thanks. Regards Ken Whiting

    1. Graham Clarke

      I saw an Osprey flying NE at 1010am this morning, could it be heading for Rutland. Good luck with this seasons breeding. We hope to see them later this year.