Higher and higher..

A far cooler sunday here at Osprey HQ where our stationary is no longer melting and we aren’t pressing our faces against the ice-cream freezer door, Saturday was a real scorcher! We had a fantastic evening on our Osprey cruise, seeing three separate Ospreys, one of which was a very privileged view of 33 fishing!

Today the chicks are finding their energy again after sitting still on the nest all day yesterday, and 055 in particular has his head in the clouds! This morning we saw a seriously impressive take off and landing by our eldest male chick, taking off from the nest and actually disappearing from the camera view, much to the surprise of his siblings!

As the morning progressed, this plucky fella attempted this high flying behaviour again, landing on his sister 054 rather clumsily, but also encouraging his sister, 057 to give it a go too!

We’re starting to see a lot of adult behaviours trickling through now, taking on from their architect parents and helping to rearrange the nest material which 33 brings in. Unfortunately 33 appears to be showing the chicks how to arrange the nest by wrestling with them!

The chicks are only a week or so from fledging and so we should expect to see more of this take off and landing behaviour as they gain more confidence!