Home again

We had a wonderful time on our osprey project trip to West Africa, as usual! The wildlife was fantastic, the company was excellent and we stayed in some lovely places. As we all know, during our stay in the Gambia there was some potential for unrest due to the refusal of the current president to step down and make way for the new one, following the elections in early December. This situation worried some people, however, there really was no need for anyone to be worried about us, as the situation was not as the media made out. Everything went smoothly and completely as normal, we did not encounter any unusual activities or problems anywhere. The only thing that changed for us was that the time of our scheduled flight home on Thursday 19th was brought forward by 45 minutes. So the trip went completely to plan!

We would like to thank our excellent team of volunteers for making this trip such good fun! We had some great outings and saw some wonderful wildlife, as detailed in my earlier two blogs. Here are some photographs of the trip, taken by the team.

When in Gambia... (K.Brookes)

When in Gambia… (K.Brookes)

Sometimes the fun is too much... (S.Box)

Sometimes the fun is too much… (S.Box)


This doesn’t need a caption (S.Box)


Chris enjoying the hammock (S.Box)


Two lovely ladies


Sunrise at Missirah (L.Howells)


Sarah enjoying the hammock at Footsteps (L.Howells)


Time for a brew! (L.Howells)


Enjoying our last evening at Footsteps Eco-lodge (L.Howells)