Home alone

With the two Manton Bay chicks now four weeks old, you may have noticed that their mother spends less time sitting with them on the nest. Over the next few weeks this will become the norm as the chicks start getting more active prior to making their first flights. Today one of the youngsters had a really good go at wing flapping. As the video shows, it is still very unsteady, but is starting to get the idea!

As the chicks prepare for their first flights, the female won’t be far away. On this occasion she was sitting on the perch above the camera – where she’s able to keep a close eye on her offspring.

Although we have had nowhere near as much rain as other parts of the country, there were one or two really heavy showers this morning and the female did her best to shelter the two chicks during the worst of the weather. It’s quite a tricky job, though, now they’re the size they are!