Hungry Mouths

Much to my despair, I was correct. My personal bet on the first chick to hatch was Thursday of last week, due to a very unfortunate trend in my role so far of every osprey related milestone to occur on my days off! Thursday was a day off.. but the eggs patiently waited until Saturday evening to hatch, when our centre had closed for the day and all staff were away from the webcams! Two beautiful (dinosaur looking) tiny Ospreys emerged into the world, demanding to be fed. They have had a fantastic couple of days in generally sunny weather, being fed by their attentive parents. 

We will be watching anxiously over the next couple of days for the arrival of the third chick, which will mark the 150th chick born at Rutland water since the project began! 










2 responses to “Hungry Mouths”

  1. Sylvia Lilley

    I was watching online later on Saturday, and I’m certain I saw Maya’s & 33’s third chick hatch:-) I’m sure I’ve counted 3 chicks and one egg today.

  2. Sylvia Lilley

    Ive just left a message about the third chich but I put Saturday instead of Sunday,sorry. It was after your video, and the egg on the left.