I wish we could fly

The two Manton Bay chicks are looking absolutely fantastic. They have passed through the “dinosaur” stage of development and their beautiful juvenile feathers are coming through – they actually look like ospreys now! Here they are with Maya, all of them watching 33 as he flew away from the nest.

Watching 33 leave

They are rather big now and can be seen really easily on the wide angle camera, and also from Waderscrape hide, when they sit up or stand.

Chicks on wide angle

Last night 33 delivered yet another fish at 20:24, bringing yesterday’s total to five! This one was a large trout, and some of it was left on the nest overnight.

Sunset fish

At 04:27 this morning, 33 delivered a fresh fish, this time a roach. Maya flew off with this fish, and 33 took the tail end of last night’s trout which was sitting at the edge of the nest. Maya came back with the roach, but the chicks showed absolutely no interest at all, so she ate it herself.

33 brought the tail end of trout back to the nest at 04:57, and this time the chicks showed some interest so Maya fed them the rest.

Another fish was delivered at 15:07, this time it was a perch! 33 is showing a bit more diversity in his catches recently, as opposed to constantly bringing in roach. Perhaps his roach stash has been depleted. Whatever the fish, the important thing is that he is catching them, and he never fails to do that!


Both Maya and 33 have brought in some sticks today – 33 made us laugh again when trying to position this one below!

33 with stick

Then not long after, in he flies with another one. You can see him coming from quite a distance!

33 coming with stick

33 lands

Maya decided that the nest needed some colour, so she came in with a bit of greenery.

Maya with branch

Later there was a lovely moment when Maya and 33 were both rearranging sticks together, and the larger chick seemed to want to help and squeezed between them to see what was going on!

Family photo!

The larger chick (we think probably a she), is quite an inquisitive and bold individual and is interested in everything around her. She has even begun to attempt some wing flapping! It won’t be long before both chicks are doing an awful lot of flapping and helicoptering above the nest. Time flies, and soon the chicks will!

Big chick flapping



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  1. Mrs Julie Lipscombe

    Great to see the two chicks doing so well !