If at first you don’t succeed…

It has been another fine and sunny day at Rutland Water and Maya and 33(11) have spent all day around the Manton Bay nest. Since 33(11) kicked the eggs out of the nest three weeks ago, we have been wondering whether Maya will lay another clutch this spring. This is looking increasingly unlikely, but there was at least one successful mating today, as this video shows.

Shortly afterwards, 33 spent at least 20 minutes sitting low in the nest, as if he was incubating. Did he know something we didn’t?

Of course there wasn’t an egg in the nest; instead he was simply practicing for the real thing. This is all a new experience for 33 and he needs time to build up his experience. After all, many male Ospreys do not breed until they are at least four years of age (33 is just three years old). As this video of another mating attempt this afternoon shows, he is by no means the finished article…!

In all likelihood we will have to wait until next spring for Maya to lay eggs, but there is just a chance that it could happen this spring. Whatever the case, it is all making for fascinating viewing. To find out how you can visit the Manton Bay nest and see it all for real, click here.

The Manton Bay pair on the nest this afternoon

The Manton Bay pair on the nest this afternoon