I’m still hungry

As we near the end of August it is inevitable that the Ospreys breeding at Rutland Water will begin to depart for warmer climes. And it looks as though two of the Manton Bay juveniles, 1J and 2J, have done just that and both left Rutland on their migration. Over the next few days we’ll update you with news of their departures along with photos from John from the last week in Manton Bay.

But 3J, it seems, is not quite ready to leave just yet! First thing this morning 5R(04) brought in two fish, the first a large trout which he shared with the Manton Bay female and the second a small pike which was taken to 3J.

For the visitors and volunteers who have visited Manton Bay today, this video will be a familiar sight. Following her early meal 3J has been persistently food begging from the nest. She hasn’t ventured very far, after all you never know when a fish might arrive and she most definitely wouldn’t have wanted to miss it!

2 responses to “I’m still hungry”

  1. Cheryl Churchill

    was watching a parent and 3J eating breakfast this morning, each had a fish, not sure who caught them. Was fascinating to watch the difference in how they approached their food. Parent gripped the fish strongly and was eating with gusto. 3J was hesitant, kept looking around, was so close to the edge of the nest she nearly fell off a couple of times ! I went back to the web cam and parent was long gone but 3J was still struggling along with her fish. It was wonderful to be able to compare and contrast such a simple thing between an adult bird and a young one.

  2. Andy, London UK

    There’s half a fish laying in the nest this morning, if anyone wants it.