In pictures: The return of 00(09)

After spending most of her first day back in Rutland sitting in Manton Bay, 00(09) must have been too busy exploring other nest sites to make an appearance today. Here are some of John Wright’s fantastic photographs showing the moment she arrived yesterday morning.

Female 00(09) arriving at 08:10

Manton Bay 19th March 2013

00(09) sitting on the Manton Bay nest


00(09)…back in Rutland!

5 responses to “In pictures: The return of 00(09)”

  1. Valerie Webber

    Thank you so much so pleased for you all at Rutland good luck for the season

  2. Linda in GA (USA)

    Welcome back, 00(09) Fantastic pictures!

  3. Trudi

    What wonderful captures of an amazing bird
    **Please email me the link to this webcam*
    Thank- you

    1. Lizzie

      Hi Trudi,
      There is a link to the webcam from our website,
      The Rutland Osprey Project

  4. Anni Feeney

    How wonderful to see these birds return !!! We are loving watching and looking forward to nest activity !!!