In the summer time

What a beautiful day! All day, the sun was out, the sky was blue, and it felt wonderfully warm. This is the kind of weather we have been waiting for! This warm spell looks set to continue over the rest of the week, and hopefully next week too. This is fabulous, as it means that, when the Manton Bay chicks hatch in just over a week’s time, the conditions will be favourable for them. Last season, the first egg hatched 37 days after it was laid, which would mean egg number one will hatch on 11th May this year. However, it could be a couple of days either side of that. We will be eagerly awaiting the day it happens!

May is a fabulous month. On the nature reserve, there is something to delight every sense – the sound of birdsong, the smell of sun-warmed grass and wild garlic, the feel of the sun on your face, the sight of the meadows awash with colourful wild flowers, and the taste of an ice cream!

Here are some videos of the Manton Bay osprey pair enjoying the sun today.

BothSwap33 flies off



2 responses to “In the summer time”

  1. Henfeathers

    Wow – wonderful fantastic brilliant marvellous beautiful magical photo!

  2. Bill Hunt

    Kayleigh, you paint such a wonderful picture with your blogs…it’s almost like being there. Thank you! I’m eagerly awaiting next week when,hopefully we will see this years chicks start hatching.