Incubation? Easy…

It’s been another typical spring day today, the sun brightening up the bay, while the wind whipped up the water on the reservoir, making fishing difficult. There are still just two eggs here at the Manton Bay nest, number three could arrive tomorrow! Despite the wind, 28 brought in a fish at lunchtime, and then began incubating the eggs – he’s getting much better at it!

28 incubating!

28 incubating!


More mating has taken place on the nest today; they will continue to mate until the entire clutch has been laid. At one point today, Maya was incubating and 28 came down and landed on her back. Did he want to mate again? No, he made no move to do so, and Maya stayed put, not bothered in the slightest that 28 was using her as a perch! We realised that he was watching an intruder, who seemed to circle the nest.


The intruder turned out to be another new arrival! 33(11), a three-year-old male. He was seen hanging around in the area for quite a while, perching nearby the nest. This is the first time he has been seen this year! He returned to Rutland last year for the first time, and he could well breed this year.



2 responses to “Incubation? Easy…”

  1. Lynda Berry

    That is such brilliant news. Kayleigh,I really like the way that you report ‘the news’.

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      Thank you Lynda!