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Rutland Water is home to the first Ospreys to breed in Central England for more than 150 years. We would like to offer you and your pupils the opportunity to learn more about these magnificent birds at no cost to your school.

The Rutland Osprey Project began in 1996 with the aim of reintroducing this spectacular birds of prey to Rutland and to provide a base from which Ospreys could spread across England. The project released 64 Ospreys over several years, and Ospreys have now established a successful breeding population, with eight pairs breeding in the Rutland area in 2015. 

From the early years, education has been an important aspect of the team’s work, so why not invite us to your school, so that you and your pupils can learn more about Ospreys, their way of life here and in the wintering grounds in West Africa, and the work of the project at Rutland Water?

We offer a range of activities which can be adapted to your needs and the age of your pupils, from the very early years, through the primary stages, and extending into the secondary sector for students aged 11 to 16 and even into the Sixth Form. We can add material to assist with any topics currently being studied in class as part of the curriculum.

Our classroom presentation is an up-to-date Powerpoint show, and we bring many items for the children to see and handle, such as colour rings used for identification and satellite transmitters. We can also arrange a follow-up visit to the Lyndon Nature Reserve to allow your pupils to see the Ospreys and other wildlife.

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