Bank holiday weekend was a cliche of bad weather, hailstones hounding our visitors who came down to Lyndon, looking a bit dazed and bedraggled having set out the house with sunglasses on! Maybe it was the apocalyptic, mood swinging weather that set tensions running high in the Manton Bay nest!

As we watched the webcams on Saturday morning, it became clear that Maya was ruffling her feathers, and not just because of the wind. She was hunkered down, looking about her warily, calling every now and again, which indicated that there was a threat in the area. Suddenly, an Osprey landed on the nest and Maya started mantling- a behaviour Ospreys perform when they feel threatened, which is characterised by stooping over and shrugging their wings repeatedly. That gave us reason to believe she wasn’t just shouting at her husband, and that this bird was an intruder! We struggled to read the ring on its leg… it flew off before we had chance!

Five minutes later the drama began again, Maya looking unsettled and mantling… this time two Ospreys landed on the nest, one which landed by her side, mantling with her (33!) and the other which perched on the edge of the nest.

This time we managed to stop the frame on the ring number… V7 the villain! After much calling and wing flapping, the intruder was seen off by the pair, and our volunteers in the hide reported 33 giving chase until it left the bay. Phew! We checked forums online and we found that V7 is a 2016 bird from the Lake District! Let’s hope that’s the last we’ll see of it and Maya and 33 can spend the week in peace!


2 responses to “Intruders!”

  1. Mick Cooper

    Too distant to ID, but more trouble yesterday afternoon (16:15). Another individual was seen off from the fallen timber below the nest, after dropping from the nearby Poplars.

  2. Cirrus

    I am just so thankful that V7 was escorted off successfully. May seems to be the month for intruders to abound every where.