Today has still been mostly cloudy, but there has been (slightly) less wind, and the sun even poked its head out this afternoon! Admittedly only for about 30 seconds, but we’ll take what we can get. Maya began the day brooding the chicks, but there isn’t much need anymore, as they are almost three weeks old, their pin feathers are coming through and their body temperature is more stable. Maya left them on the nest on their own several times during the day, but kept a close watch from the nearest perch. She will not leave them completely alone for long, and went for a couple of baths in the reservoir today but was back within a minute.

Close up

The chicks are beginning to look more like ospreys now, and less like dinosaurs! They have a very discernible brown stripe through both eyes, and their pin feathers are just beginning to poke through the down. They are incredibly well camouflaged in the nest – the brown on the back of their heads is the same colour as the nesting material the adults are bringing in, and they have that prominent white stripe down their backs, helping them blend in with the sticks, too. Sometimes, if you just glance at the screen when the chicks are alone on the nest and immobile, you could be fooled into thinking there were no chicks there!


33 made us laugh this morning when he landed on the nest and promptly sat down! It was quite windy first thing, so he was perhaps getting out of the wind, but he did this a lot last season too. He seems to like being on the nest and being comfortable!

33 sitting down

Later in the morning he brought in a tiny fish, but it was so small we could hardly see it after Maya took it from him, and she had fed it to the chicks in no time.

Later in the day, just before closing, 33 delivered a much bigger fish, a nice roach. Those chicks will not go hungry.



2 responses to “Invisible”

  1. Lawrence Garside

    My first visit today – everyone was helpful and enthusiastic. Pleased a fish was delivered later on as the male appeared to be struggling to do the deed when I was there !

  2. Bill Hunt

    Almost seems a shame…..we’ve seen the last of this years fluffy babies and gone through the “ugly duckling” stage into junior ospreys already! But I can’t imagine ever getting tired of watching the miracle of the life cycle. It’s such a wonderful thing to witness. Not least of all the diligence and care of the adults. Winged predators who become tender, gentle parents! Loving all the blogs, recordings and pictures. Thank you!