Is 5N settling in?

With 5R’s mate yet to return – she is now three days late compared to last year – 5N seems to be settling in at Manton Bay, despite the fact that the male she paired up with last year, 09(98), is now back in Rutland. She spent much of this morning keeping rival female 00(09) away from the Manton nest and has just returned to be given a fish by 5R. The pair then mated, suggesting that perhaps she is here for more than just fish. The way things are progressing it could all get very interesting if and when 5R’s mate does eventually return. The video shows 5N defending the nest against 00 this morning before flying off to chase her away.

2 responses to “Is 5N settling in?”

  1. Valerie Webber

    Thanks for the update Tim , great video which I could watch thank goodness . Not sure why but I have a new laptop and cannot watch the webcam on AOL have to go on IE . Can watch every other webcam except Rutland . Also cant watch videos people put on facebook – YouTube ones are okay thou !! Will get it sorted I hope soon .

  2. Ian Whiting

    Interesting to see other birds on the nest throughout the day – pied wagtail, female mallard and a pair of Egytian geese. The duck and geese both thought that the nest was goint to be theirs!