Is 9F getting itchy feet?

Over the last few days 9F has ventured only short distances from the Manton Bay nest, but it has been a different story this afternoon. As usual she spent much of the morning food-begging on the nest. Unlike previous days though, her mother did not go fishing. As Michelle reported yesterday, 5R hasn’t fed 9F for several days, but it hasn’t mattered because his mate has continued to provide fish for her daughter. This morning, though, both adults appeared to grow tired of the incessant food-begging. 5R headed off south-west at 10am, followed an hour-and-a-half later, by the female. The video below shows 9F (food-begging) on the nest with her mother – who then flies off. Can you blame her?

With both her parents absent, there was less incentive for 9F to remain at the nest and a short while ago she circled up to several thousand feet – at which height she was no more than a speck in the bright blue sky – and then drifted leisurely south-west. It may be that she was simply looking for her parents, but we can’t discount the possibility that she may have started her migration. Likewise her parents. It will certainly be very interesting to see if any of the family return to the nest this evening. Watch this space!