Is This Goodbye?

It is a very wet morning down on the Lyndon Nature Reserve this morning, not the kind of weather we would like the day before Birdfair! Nevertheless, preparations are well underway, the osprey team have been busy setting up the Leicestershire and Rutland Wildlife Trust stand (OD2), and we are also getting set for our talk in the new Wild Zone, made especially for younger visitors to the fair. Don’t forget you can also go on a wildlife cruise, with a celebrity guide and member of the osprey team, all the osprey cruises are fully booked, so this is your last chance to cruise around looking for ospreys this year!  To make it even more exciting, when the team were setting up earlier this week, there was an osprey displaying over the Birdfair site, so if you are visiting keep your eyes to the skies.

Down in Manton Bay it looks like 3AU, the male osprey chick, has left for his first migration, he was last recorded in the bay on the 13th at 17:25. It’s a sad time, but it’s also very exciting – I can’t wait to see what will happen to all our 2018 chicks and where they may be sighted in the future. Maya and 33(11) the two adult birds are still down in the bay enjoying a bit of the British weather before they begin their migration.

Here are some lovely photos by John Smallman from 3AU’s last week in Manton Bay. It shows a fish exchange between 33(11) and 3AU.