It won’t be long

What an exciting day it’s been! It’s also been a beautiful one, the sun’s been shining and spring is surely on its way. Since the Lyndon centre opened last Saturday, the days have been slowly ticking along in the absence of ospreys. On Thursday, spirits were lifted with the brilliant news that the first Rutland osprey had returned, and today we saw her – the first osprey sighting from the Lyndon Centre this season!

At around 9am this morning, we had a call from volunteer Anna who was monitoring in Waderscrape hide, informing us that an osprey was flying our way. Cue a mad dash to the windows of the Lyndon Centre, where we had a marvellous view of an osprey coming towards us! She banked, hovered, then dived smoothly towards the water, which she entered with a splash! On emergence, she had a fish in her talons, and promptly flew off with it. What an amazing start to the day!

Osprey catching a fish, photo by John Wright

Osprey catching a fish, photo by John Wright


Later, we had two more views of an osprey flying past the centre windows. We are fairly certain that all of the sightings we had today were of the same bird, 25(10), whom we know has returned. Of course, there could always be ospreys passing through here on their way north.

We are still hopeful that 25 will pay a visit to the Manton Bay nest itself, and are even more excited at the prospect that Maya and 33(11) will soon be back on it themselves!

It won't be long!

It won’t be long!


Click here to read about the day Maya and 33 returned to Manton Bay in 2015. What a day that was! They had a job to get rid of the Egyptian geese before they could land on their nest, which provided some excellent entertainment. Over 500 people visited Lyndon that day to see them. Will the Manton Bay pair time their arrival for another bank holiday this season? Perhaps Easter…?



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  1. Anne Davison


  2. Steve Byrne

    Having spent this afternoon at Eyebrook reservoir watching hares boxing, we were treated to the sight of an osprey (complete with fish) being persued by several peckish gulls. We lost sight as they passed over trees, however, the gulls returned shortly after, assumed without their ‘prize’. Moments later, we saw another osprey (possibly the same one)’hovering’ over the lake preparing to dive. Once again, surrounded by gulls.

  3. Bev and Lewis Smith

    We were two of the lucky people to walk into the visitor centre Sunday just at the right time to see the Osprey diving for a fish. What a fantastic sight! then we were lucky enough to see it chased by a red kite later that morning. Our first sighting and such a memorable one.

  4. Mike Grundy

    Just read a post that Maya is now back ! Brilliant news . Come on 33 where are you ? !!.