It’s 28(10)!

There has been some more excitement here at Lyndon today – another Osprey is back! It’s male Osprey 28(10)! He arrived in Manton Bay this afternoon and sat on the leaning perch – the one without the camera on it!

28 was first spotted by Barrie Galpin, and soon after was identified by John Wright. He is only a day later than last year, so he must have been just ahead of the bad weather that is holding up 30(05) and presumably many other Ospreys.

Eventually 28 came to the nest, and here are a couple of videos of him, on two different cameras!

28(10) is the Osprey with the slightly damaged right wing, the one with whom Maya mated and laid three eggs at the beginning of last season, and the one who was chased off this nest by 33(11). After being chased away by 33, 28 attempted to return to the nest several times, but eventually gave in. He stayed around the area for the rest of the season and he became the star of our Osprey cruises!

The Manton Bay nest was 28’s for a short while last season, so he probably still has a link with it. Due to this, we expect that he will stay around in the Bay for a while. This is great news for the Lyndon Centre staff, and for visitors to the Centre!

But who knows what will happen next…

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7 responses to “It’s 28(10)!”

  1. Chocoholix

    I am thrilled to see 28(10) back in Manton Bay! I still have a real soft spot for him after he was so cruelly ousted by his own little brother last year…

  2. Pauline Fisher

    Hope Maya comes home soon and they stay together this year!! Looking forward to watching it all unfold on the web cam!!

  3. Sheila Elliott

    It was lovely to see him on the nest this afternoon, and looking so well after his migration. He was either too tired, or not too sure whether it was ‘his’ nest when the jackdaw landed near him. He wasn’t bothered enough to see it off. What will happen next, and who will arrive next, we have to look forward to. I am afraid my fingers are crossed for Maya and Blue 33(11).

  4. Mike Simmonds

    Good news Kayleigh and great that it was Barrie who first saw him. Just reward for his years of involvement.

  5. Suzie

    Ummm … forgive me if I am being obtuse but I can see no ring on the current resident … is Maya??

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      No worries Suzie, but it’s not Maya – the bird on the nest was 28(10), the male who arrived yesterday.

  6. Suzie

    After reading your acticle Lets here it for the Boy … I kinda assumed the ring was simply hidden!
    It was wishful thinking I guess!
    I’ll keep my thoughts to myself next time hahahaha