It’s about time!

Yesterday evening at 18.02pm, 33(11) returned to his nesting site at Manton Bay! After 9 days of patiently waiting, Maya greeted her breeding partner.

They both were on the nest for about half an hour where they seemed to look more settled with each other by the end of the day.

Today we have had a variety of nest squatters…

A pair of Egyptian geese, a female mallard and finally our resident ospreys.

You would of thought 33 is exhausted from the strenuous migration but he has been busy defending the nest site from an unidentified third osprey; unfortunately we were unable to identify the bird. Maya was seen mantling (spreading her wings) over the fish which she eventually abandoned on the edge of the nest.

Hopefully calm will prevail and 33 will get back to what he does best, nestoration!