Jetting off in January

Happy new year everyone! Thank you all for your support in 2016, and we hope that you continue to follow the Rutland Osprey Project in 2017.

In terms of the osprey project, the first thing that the new year brings is our annual trip to West Africa! The osprey team will be escaping the cold of the British winter and flying to Gambia on Monday 9th January for a ten day trip.

We will not be travelling far enough north to see 30(05) this time, however, we hope to see both 5F and 32, two Rutland ospreys we were lucky enough to see last January. In particular, finding 32’s wintering spot was a brilliant and unexpected thrill, as we had no idea at the time that he would be there! Click here for more information about the day we found him.

Our trip will take in some of the best sites for ospreys in Gambia and Senegal, and we are hoping to see plenty of other ospreys in addition to the Rutland birds we know about. Ospreys from several different countries were spotted last year, and John will be on hand with his telescope to read as many ring numbers as he can in order to learn more about osprey wintering distributions.

We will also be visiting several schools that are involved in the Osprey Flyways Project, and distributing Ken Davies’ excellent children’s books!

We’ll be keeping the website updated with news of our trip and photographs whilst we are there. Keep an eye on the website for the latest news!



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