Just the two of us

The time of year when the ospreys leave us always seems to come around too soon! The season flies by so quickly, before we know it’s the end of August, the chicks are fully grown and ready to migrate. We now only have the two adults in Manton Bay – yesterday at around 10am, the remaining juvenile, T8, set off on his long migration! He has left for several hours at a time in the recent past and then returned, so we waited anxiously all day to see if he would come back again, but there was no sign of him. This morning, there were only the adults in the bay, and even when a fish was caught, no hungry juvenile landed on the nest shouting for it – a sure sign he has gone.

This was the last video recorded of T8 on the nest yesterday before he went. After this video, 33 brought in a fish which T8 devoured, then, full of food and energy, he left.


Maya and 33 didn’t seem to know what to do with themselves afterwards. With all three of their offspring gone, they don’t have anyone to feed but themselves, and have no real reason to stay here for much longer. Last season, 33 departed the same day as the last chick, and Maya left the day after.

Maya and Numpty

So, the dates of the 2016 Manton Bay juveniles’ departures are as follows:

T6 – Monday 15th August

T7 – Thursday 18th August

T8 – Wednesday 24th August

We wish them all well on their journeys! We will miss having the three juveniles brightening up Manton Bay, but at least for now, we still have two ospreys! We can only wait and see how long they will remain in the bay this season. We will keep you updated.

Sleeping adults

It’s tiring raising chicks! (Photo – John Wright)




5 responses to “Just the two of us”

  1. Sheila FE

    It is sad to know the juvies have literally left the nest, but what a wonderful season for Maya and Blue 33. Brilliant parents have brought up three amazing chicks, who fledged into strong juvies which will bode well for the future. Soon mum and dad will head south…

  2. Jenny Still

    Thanks for recording this. Good to see T8 left after a meal. Poignant to see in the last video Maya and 33 both calling, presumably to check there are no longer any of their chicks around. Such good parents. Fingers crossed to see both adults back in March and hopefully some chicks back in 2 years time.

  3. Andy

    Maya will have to get used to fishing again – she was calling on the nest yesterday until 33 turned up with a large fish, which she grabbed PDQ and flew off with. Must be re-living her youth 🙂

  4. Brian T

    Wonderful news well done to the parent bird and Rutland bird centre and staff for protecting these amazing birds. Had the pleasure of observing T33 hunting on the 10th of August what an fabulous job the staff and volunteers at Rutland Water do.

  5. Cath H

    So glad we managed to get over again this year, we were very lucky after we left the hide to see one of them flying over the lake towards Normanton Church just as Rutland Belle came into view. Perfect day.