Keep on moving

We are happy to report that we have had more data come through from 30(05)’s satellite tag, and she seems to be having a straightforward journey so far. Since setting off on the morning of August 27th, 30 has travelled 965 miles and has now made it to just south of Madrid.

30(05) has travelled 954 miles in 4 days - incredible!

30(05) has travelled 954 miles in 4 days – incredible!

30 bypassed the Bay of Biscay and chose to travel over land through France, which means she missed our friends at the Urdaibai Bird Centre by around 35 miles! She spent last night roosting by the River Guadarrama near Toledo, hopefully a spot where she was able to catch a fish to fuel her journey.
30 is averaging around 241 miles a day at the moment, and it will be interesting to see if she keeps this rate up. The weather conditions in Spain look perfect today for migration, so hopefully in a couple of days time she may be crossing the Strait of Gibraltar.
Meanwhile in Manton Bay, the soggy weather stopped 33 from setting off yesterday – we expect he may be on his way today and will keep you updated. In other news, you may remember that S2(15) (offspring of Maya and 33) was spotted in the Netherlands earlier this year on May 26th. Well S2 has been spotted again, this time on August 27th in Belgium!
An earlier photo of S2

An earlier photo of S2

This suggests that S2 spent the summer in the Netherlands and has now started his migration south again. It will be interesting to see where S2 turns up next spring – hopefully we’ll see him at Rutland! Thank you to Wim Janssen, who spotted S2 in Belgium and reported his sighting to the Roy Dennis Wildlife Foundation.