Keeping track!

It’s been all go today at Manton Bay with intruding Ospreys galore.

I have almost lost count of exactly how many Ospreys have been over Manton Bay at any one time but I think we stand at seven, plus the two juveniles from the Manton Bay nest, taking it to a total of at least nine Ospreys seen from Waderscrape and Shallow Water hides! As 8F(12) and 9F(12) perched in the fallen tree observing this aerial display, 5R(04) and the female joined the intruders in the air to put on a magnificent show which was enjoyed by all those who ventured down to the hide today and has added to the already jubilant atmosphere being created by all the Olympic action.

John’s been down in Shallow Water hide this afternoon and has identified five of the intruders as 25(10) and 00(09) – both female birds who have been in and around Rutland on and off since late spring, 03(09) and 06(09) – two males from 2009 who again have been seen regularly and the female Osprey who was the mate of AW(06) who is also 25(10)’s mother. Find out who’s who and who lives where here!

These movements follow on from OJ(12)’s, a juvenile from the Site N nest – offspring off 09(98) and 5N(04), visit to Lagoon 4 yesterday. It was the sound of the young Osprey chirping away that drew John’s attention to his presence. And sure enough the young bird was sat fidgeting around on the perch there. After leaving Lagoon 4 OJ(12) flew over Manton Bay and was swiftly chased off by the Manton Bay female.
This picture of OJ(12) over Lagoon 4 was captured by John from Dunlin hide.