Keeping up appearances…

Throughout the winter we all like to keep ourselves busy as we eagerly await the return of the Rutland Ospreys next spring. Lyndon Nature Reserve is well known for having a breeding pair of Ospreys present throughout the summer but it is also home to a vast array of other wildlife. This includes many other bird species, insects, reptiles, amphibians, mammals and plants. These are all supported by our woodlands, hedgerows, wildflower meadows and ponds and for this to continue it is vital for these habitats to be effectively managed throughout the year. This creates a superb opportunity for the Osprey volunteers to get together every week and carry out important conservation work on the reserve, as well as giving us the chance to have a good old chin-wag. The hot lunch provided by Mackrill and Stammers Catering Limited is also a plus.

Yesterday several volunteers joined Tim, Paul and myself at Lyndon and we spent the day working in front of Tufted Duck hide. This was the view from the hide first thing in the morning:

Our aim was to coppice willow and cut back other vegetation in order to open up the area and encourage new growth. This in turn will be beneficial for many breeding birds and feeding insects. It is also jolly good fun!

Four hours later we had completed our mission for the day:

We then all retired to the Lyndon centre for a well deserved meal of leek and potato soup prepared by our very own Masterchef – Project Officer Tim Mackrill. What a great day, well done everyone!

2 responses to “Keeping up appearances…”

  1. Frederic Bacuez

    Tim ‘Project officer’, Tim ‘marathon man’, Tim ‘birding teacher’, and now… Tim ‘Masterchef’… What else ? He did not cooke for his Burkinabè and frenchy friends, in Bango, north Senegal !!!

    Regards. Frédéric, Saint-Louis-du-Sénégal

    1. Tim

      Frederic all I can do is apologise for the lack of cooking in Bango. Sidiki was just too good at it for me to compete!