Late lunch!

It was after 3pm today when 5R brought the first fish of the day into the Manton Bay nest. It was a medium sized Trout and has kept the female and chicks occupied for the last hour or so. If you have a look on our webcam you might still be able to see the remainder of the fish in the nest.

It is suggested that there is a drop in the number of fish delivered to the nest just before the chicks fledge and that possibly the lack of food encourages them to leave the nest. There has been increasing amounts of helicoptering going on in Manton Bay, as we would expect, and you can see 8F in the video below as he helicopters over the nest and out of view of the camera.
The chicks are now 7 weeks old so within the coming week we should be able to see them taking their first flights around Manton Bay.