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Sadly there has been no further sign of 08(97) since he disappeared on 11th May. The story has received a great deal of coverage in the national and local media and we sincerely hope that this will prompt someone to come forward. Simon Barnes wrote an especially good piece in The Times on Saturday and the disappearance was also featured on BBC East Midlands Today yesterday evening.   The programme is available on BBC iPlayer for the rest of today . Contray how it may appear in the report,  Leicestershire and Rutland Police are taking the matter very seriously, and we are very grateful for their continued support.

Thanks to several very generous donations from project volunteers and supporters we have now been able to offer a £1000 ‘award’ for information leading to conviction. We hope that this will add the necessary extra incentive for anyone with information to get in touch.

We also intend to fit satellite transmitters to at least two of the birds that regularly fish in the area we are suspicious of, in south west Rutland. This will allow us to see exactly where they are fishing and, if any of them do go missing, we will know where. We have one satellite transmitter already, but thanks to donations we hope to purchase at least one more. If you would like to help us with this, please get in touch via email ( or give me a call on 01572 737378. Any donations would be very gratefully received. We are determined to get to the bottom of this problem and we are sure that satellite tracking male birds is a very proactive way of doing this.

Sadly, 5N has now abandoned the eggs at Site N and so we have removed them under licence from Natural England and are incubating them artificially. Our licence then permits us to put the eggs/chicks into surrogate nests at the appropriate time. We will, of course, keep you informed of developments. It is possible that none of the three eggs will now hatch, but it would be fantastic legacy for 08 if one or more does. Keep your fingers crossed.

Finally, if you do have any information that you feel may assist with the investigation, please get in touch with Leicestershire Police on 0116 2222222 or phone a member of the Osprey team at Lyndon on 01572 737378.

2 responses to “Latest news from Site N”

  1. Barbara Dunbebin

    Nice to see the chicks both being well fed. As they were both hatched on the same day they will develop at the same rate together….like twins really :o)

  2. Barbara Dunbebin

    Glad to see three chicks hatched this morning, and all being fed well. Good luck to them.