Latest updates from the Manton Bay nest.

Over the last few days we’ve had very changeable weather at the Lyndon site, from blistering heat to heavy rain showers, but this does not seem to have affected the ospreys.
All four Manton Bay chicks – now between 9 and 10 weeks old are still around the nest site, continuing to build up strength through regular flights in and around the bay.
Earlier today 054 and 055 were on the nest sharing a fish – see the clip below – both confidently feeding.

Later Maya, along with 056 and 057 were seen together and we were reassured to see 056 looking fit and well, in the following video you see him calling quite vociferously and all signs of his injury appear to have healed well. 057, despite being the youngest chick is probably the largest chick – encouraging as all four will need to build up their reserves for the long journey ahead.