Lazing on a sunny afternoon

Its been a sweltering hot day in Rutland today; and if you’ve been watching the webcam you’ll have noticed that the Manton Bay chicks have been doing very little! The three youngsters are now just a few days away from making their maiden flights but they need a gusty wind to encourage them. Today’s weather – hot and still – has had the opposite effect. 5R, on the other hand, has been on top form – bringing in three fish during the course of the afternoon. Here’s a video of his mate feeding the three chicks a Pike. Notice how they’re all lined up in order – 1J is at the back, 2J in the middle and 3J at the front. The three youngsters are all now capable of feeding themselves, but after such a lazy day, they were happy to let Mum do it this time!

One response to “Lazing on a sunny afternoon”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Tim you must be delighted to see such a group. What a year so far. Regards to all.