Lazy Sunday

Today has been gloriously sunny and hot, akin to a summer’s day! A little bit of wind helped to counter the sun’s heat, making it a lovely day to be out. The perfect day, one might think, to come and visit Rutland Water and enjoy seeing our magnificent pair of ospreys on their nest in Manton Bay. The 400 people who visited Lyndon today clearly agreed!

The morning began misty, but it was clear it would soon burn off and become hot. 33 caught a small fish just after 07:00 this morning, before it got too warm. He brought half to Maya as usual. As it was only a small fish, he will go fishing again later, but probably not until the evening when it cools down.

As well as doing his share (more than his share!) of incubating, 33 has also done some collection of nest material again today!


More hay

Some of 33’s sticks seem to be placed rather randomly, and at the moment there are more at the front on the left than the right, as we look at it. Hopefully either the birds or the wind will move some of these to provide us with a better view into the nest! The wind played a part today in getting rid of a stick, as one is seen below falling off the nest behind Maya. However, later on, 33 came flying in with a very long stick, and gracefully landed on the nest with it. Before he appears, in the background of the video you can just see him behind the nest, very close to the water’s surface. It looks like he picked up the stick that had fallen off the nest and brought it back!

Long stick

33 flying off

Look out for egg number three tomorrow!

Close up