Le voyage lent

30(05) is still in France! Since she roosted near the River Charente on 26th March, she has only travelled 209km (130 miles). On 27th March she left her roost site just after 8am and flew across the city of Saintes. She then headed north-east, travelling at speeds of about 30kph (18mph), until she reached the town of Le Chardonnet, where she roosted that night, having travelled roughly 139km (86 miles). The next day, 28th March, she set off at about 7am and, at speeds of 17kph (10mph), she continued north-east for a further 68km (42 miles), then settled down to roost again.

30's progress on 27th and 28th March

30’s progress on 27th and 28th March


This shows us that 30’s path is still not trouble-free, and she is struggling to make any significant progress. The reason for this is similar to the problems she met in Spain – rain. As you can see from the map below, the weather on the northern coast of France looks bad for today, so perhaps she will remain where she is for the time being, and continue when the weather improves.

The weather over France today

The weather over France today


The conditions look a little bit better on Monday, so hopefully 30 will be able to make more progress northwards. She has another 565km (350 miles) to go to reach Rutland.  The weather has really affected the speed of her return this year – she is already a week behind the time it took her to get home last spring, which was an amazing eleven days! We are looking forward to her arrival in the next couple of days.

30 has 350 more miles to go

30 has 350 miles further to go


Don’t forget that you can view the latest positions of all of the World Osprey Week birds on our interactive map!


10 responses to “Le voyage lent”

  1. Sally Bell

    slow but sure. Hope to hear of her safe arrival soon. (And some others too)

  2. Keith Rogers

    A sensible approach and am hoping so for the other birds we know of and yet to arrive.
    Even if it takes her well into the first week in April I am sure that is fine and if somene was on her nest she would soon disperse them.
    Haste ye Home.

  3. vivienne blake

    We are bang in the middle of the Cotentin, probably on her flight path, but are suffering gale force winds – gusting to 89 kph. This is forecast (France Meteo) to continue for a couple of days, so she’s likely to be delayed further.

  4. Sheila FE

    Although worrying, we know her location. She is an experienced bird and probably seen it all before. Here south of Cambridge it is a very gusty showery day, with s/sw winds so she may get a bit of help. I think a lot of birds will appear on Tuesday/Wednesday!
    I would love to see Maya and Blue 33 safely back home!

  5. Suzie

    I am on the South Coast in Lymington. Its a very blustery day with sw winds and heavy showers. Each day I worry for our beautiful, brave birds battling the elements trying to get home … it seems an age since we were first expecting Maya and 33 to arrive … Sheila I so hope you are right and that they will safely next week.

  6. Suzie

    Who is that on the nest this evening????

    1. Kayleigh Brookes

      It’s male Osprey 28(10)!

  7. Suzie

    Thanks Kayleigh!

  8. Liz Livock

    Thank you Kayleigh. Good to get such an informative update; always an anxious time! 30(05) will be here very soon, and everything crossed for many more of our ospreys who must be waiting (including, of course, Mr Glaslyn, Monty and Glesni). Fly safe beautiful birds! God speed.

  9. Dany Duval

    Elle va passer au dessus de chez nous! She is going to fly over our house!!!