Learning to fly

We’ve been blessed with another beautiful day, and more excitement in Manton Bay! Having five Ospreys on the wing makes for very interesting watching from Waderscrape and Shallow Water hides! There is so much action in the bay now that all of the juveniles are flying, it’s amazing to witness!

Here we have a couple of lovely photographs of S3’s first flight yesterday. These photos were taken by John Smallman, on a visit to the reserve. Thank you John for sharing them!

Maya keeping an eye on S3 during her first flight, photo by John Smallman

Maya keeping an eye on S3 during her first flight, photo by John Smallman

S3 on First Day of Flying 19.07.15 v2

S3 on her first proper flight, photo by John Smallman


Although they are spending a lot of time on the wing and perching elsewhere, the Ospreys still return to the nest at intervals during the day, especially when a fish comes in! This means that there is still something to see on the live cameras on screen in the Lyndon Centre, and streaming live on the webcam.

S1 takes charge of a fish

S1 takes charge of a fish


Having said that, however, it is true that, at this time of year, there is no better place to watch the Ospreys from than in the hides on the Lyndon Reserve. The juveniles are all gaining in confidence and becoming more and more adventurous. They are spending a lot of time out of view of the cameras, and perching in lots of different places. S1 and S2 have been developing wonderfully since they fledged last week, and even S3 has been getting a lot more confident today! It’s brilliant to see them all, so mature and beautiful, evidently enjoying themselves and getting into all sorts of mischief!

Here are two amazing videos of the Ospreys in Manton Bay, filmed over the weekend. This footage shows just how well the young Ospreys are doing, where they’re going and what they are getting up to. There is no need for me to say any more – the footage speaks for itself!

This video was filmed by Field Officer John Wright.

This video was filmed by Volunteer Dave Cole.

Many thanks to John and Dave for their excellent footage of the Ospreys. May there be many more videos to come…



5 responses to “Learning to fly”

  1. Jackie

    Superb, thanks for this

  2. Jenny

    Just stunning!

  3. Sheila FE

    Thank you! I have spent the past twelve minutes or so with an increasing grin on my face as I have watched the two videos. Absolutely wonderful Dave Cole. The enjoyment and enthusiasm of the freedom of the air for the young fledglings just shone through.

  4. Pat

    Thank you for these films. I can now see what they get up to off the nest and it is brilliant. They are flying so well even though still novices. As a webcam watcher this is what we never get the opportunity to see.

  5. Conrad

    Germantown, WI. USA

    Absolutely stunning videos. Beautiful background music.

    Thank you