Let her fly

What an exciting day! We have been expecting 2AN to take her first flight imminently, as she is seven and a half weeks old and has been showing signs of being ready to go for a few days. However, recently the weather hasn’t been conducive to fledging, as there has hardly been a drop of wind, and they need a breeze to excite them and give them a bit of a lift!

2AN fledged at 10:14 this morning, making her the first osprey to fledge from a UK nest this year! (That we know of!). We had a school group in the centre at the time and they were very excited, as were the staff and in particular volunteers Steve and Roger who saw her go from the hide! She didn’t give us very much warning that she was about to go – there was no helicoptering at all, she just jumped around the nest a few times, then she lifted up and away!

2AN fledging

She circled the bay and was accompanied by Maya, as is usual on the juveniles’ first flight. You can see them both in the background in the above video – 2AN flies towards Lax Hill, then Maya appears and both of them come back towards the bay and over the nest, where 2AM was watching them. 2AN managed to land on the leaning perch in Manton Bay, and that is where she remained for the next few hours! Later on she had several more flights, and is very good at landing.

This morning, both juveniles were getting excitable at around 05:20, flapping and jumping around.

Both flapping

2AM this morning

We could tell that 2AN was very ready to go, as she kept venturing closer to the edge of the nest.

2AN is ready to go

2AN was the one who grabbed the fish that was delivered at 08:30 this morning. 33 caught this right in front of Shallow Water hide! He flew into the nest with it and there was a scuffle of activity, and 2AN was the one who came out with the prize, mantling over it to protect it from the others.

Fish 0832

2AN with fish

2AN tucked into the fish for about half an hour, then later Maya came along and fed both of the juveniles!

Here is Maya feeding 2AM later on, when he is alone on the nest.

2AM alone

Yesterday evening at 20:26 33 astounded everyone by bringing in two fish in one go! The fish in question were perch, and they were both alive! 33 came in with one in each foot, dropped one on the nest which flapped about until Maya grabbed it. Then he let go of the other one, which 2AM watched confusedly as it flopped around all over the place. How amazing! We all knew 33 was a superb fisherman, but we’ve never seen him deliver two at a time before. These two fish were the first 33 had delivered since 05:05 that morning, so perhaps he felt he needed to make up for it!

2 fish

Two fish!

Here is 2AN landing back on the nest for the first time since fledging! This was at 16:50. She has taken several flights today and had been sitting on the camera perch, so all she had to do was jump down!

What beautiful juveniles!

2AM looking gorgeous Beautiful juveniles



4 responses to “Let her fly”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Thank you Kayleigh for a great account. As for 33 with two fish at a time…what can one say!?

    Great that the first fledge was so competent.

  2. Julie Mayne

    Well done 2AN! It’s always so exciting to see our chicks fledge and it’ll soon be 2AM’s turn. What great footage today – thanks as always Kayleigh. And as for 33’s ‘double dinners’ … What a top fisherman! He never ceases to surprise us. We hope to visit the Lyndon Centre tomorrow and watch more live action!

  3. Cathy

    Superb! Good luck 2AN.

  4. Andy, London

    I think I’ve run out of superlatives! How do you top a day like that?? Seeing the fledge, Maya’s caring and attentive escort, 33 with a double catch (which alone is mind-blowing – how did he do it?) – it’s astonishingly exciting.

    Maximum praise for the updates, this is one of the best ever!