Let the sunshine in

The weather has been glorious at Rutland today, and we feel all the more grateful for it after yesterdays downpour!

A gorgeous day (and a gorgeous bird!)

A gorgeous day (and a gorgeous bird!)

Our ospreys have been making the most of the fairer conditions, and were up early today, with 33 bringing in the first fish at 4.45am – so early that our camera was still filming in infared!

Once again, 33 had bought in a big roach, and both our chicks got a great first meal of the day.

At around 06.40 this morning, Maya flew to the T-perch and left 33 alone on the nest with the chicks and the remaining egg. He kept walking around the nest, getting closer to the chicks and backing away again – almost like he wanted to incubate the remaining egg, but didn’t know how to approach the task with 2 chicks in the way! Maya eventually came to relieve him, but we got some lovely views of him on the nest with the chicks in the sunshine.
33 and chicks

33 and chicks

33 has continued to bring sticks to the nest, and Maya has been moving them around – sometimes drawing a sharp intake of breath from us at the centre when they get a bit too close to the chicks! We have been worrying unnecessarily though as they miss them every time. Both 33 and Maya have been busy home-making today, adding to and adjusting the nest.

Unfortunately all this building means we still don’t have a great view of the chicks and the remaining egg! We thought today could be the day when the final chick hatched, although it is looking like it could be tomorrow now – we are waiting for Maya reaching down to feed a mouth that maybe we can’t see, as the other 2 chicks are strong enough to lift their heads well into view now.
We have also had a couple of intruders overhead today, not close enough to come into view of the camera but close enough to upset 33 and Maya. In this video 33 spreads himself out on the nest and the chicks are protected under his wing.

Our chicks have had regular feeds throughout the day and are both looking healthy and strong. The weather is looking to go downhill again tomorrow, but as we know from yesterday this shouldn’t stop Maya and 33 providing for them!

One response to “Let the sunshine in”

  1. Ann

    Wonderful pictures of these fantastic birds! Does 33 brood the chicks at all or is that done solely by Maya? 33 is a great provider for his family. The nest appears to be built up more one side but maybe this is just the camera angle. Thanks for the lovely pictures and hope the next chick hatches tomorrow.