Let them eat cake

Yesterday, Maya spent a long time meticulously positioning the sticks around the nest. Both birds have done a bit of nest rearranging again today, however, they have completely ignored the huge stick that is directly in the way!

Silly stick

Silly stick


We do hope that stick gets moved soon, as it rather impedes our view!

The newly zoomed in camera is fabulous, and we are getting very excited about the imminent arrival of the first chick! Today is day 35 in the incubation cycle, so it could be any day now. In Maya’s four years of breeding, her first chick has always hatched either 39 or 40 days after the first egg was laid. This means that the day of hatching should be Sunday or Monday… of course, we can never be certain… but when it happens, we’ll be there to press record!

Maya with the eggs

Maya with the eggs


33 has just come back with a large roach! He was away for over an hour, but it has been quite windy today, and the reservoir is looking quite choppy, so it will have been tough for him out there.

Maya taking fish away

Maya taking fish away


Our education team have been buzzing with the praise that they received after World Osprey Week, which was a huge success! They are now busy both visiting schools and with school visits to the reserve, and are doing a superb job of inspiring children and teachers with the world of Ospreys! Whissendine Primary School has been so taken by Ospreys and the Project they have established an Osprey Club! This afternoon, the team visited the school for the final day of Osprey Club, and presented them with these fabulous cakes, made specially by volunteer Jan Warren.

Osprey cake

Osprey cake!

Osprey nest cake

Osprey nest cake!


If you’re a teacher who would like to learn more about how you can incorporate Ospreys into your teaching, why not register for our teacher training day in July. Click here for more information!


3 responses to “Let them eat cake”

  1. Mike Simmonds

    Thank you Kayleigh and what a great gesture by Jan.

  2. Bill Hunt

    Amazing cakes!!
    Just a thought, Maya seems to love “housework”, she’s forever re-arranging the sticks….so please can someone give her a chamois leather to clean the wide angle camera? But seriously, the tension is growing and as the next big day approaches Maya and 33 are looking like the perfect couple. So attentive to duties and each other.

  3. Bill Hunt

    and then 33 stood up to reveal that we STILL have 3 eggs…..