Let us prey

It’s been another beautiful day in Manton Bay, and though the ospreys have not been on the nest very much, many happy people have wandered the well-trodden footpath to Waderscrape and seen them sitting in the bay and flying past the hide.

Here is a photo of 2AM on the nest as the sun was rising this morning.

More sun

In addition to our wonderful ospreys, there are several other birds of prey on the nature reserve. To name just a few, we often see buzzards and red kites flying over Manton Bay, there are both barn owls and little owls nearby, and recently there have been sightings of marsh harriers and sparrowhawks!

The sparrowhawk was seen on Monday evening when volunteers Mick and Malcolm were on duty. It swooped down in front of the hide, and grabbed a water rail which had been foraging on the edge of the reedbed! Thanks to Mick Spencer for these amazing shots of the sparrowhawk. Don’t worry if you’re squeamish, you can’t see the water rail in the photographs.

P1270526 (2) P1270527 (2) P1270528 (2) P1270529 (2) P1270530 (2) P1270531 (2) P1270532 (2)

Volunteer Jan Warren also witnessed a spectacular bird of prey spectacle on her latest shift – a marsh harrier catching a moorhen! Thanks to Jan for the following video footage of it!

Finally, here is another sunrise shot – look at the beautiful colours in those rays!

Rainbow rays